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Gambling Tipping Etiquette – Betting Tipping Explained Knowing that the person dealing cards to you is collecting just above minimum wage, and is reliant on the generosity of you and your fellow bettors, should be enough to remind you to consistently tip. If you are playing video poker or slots, for example, you don’t have a dealer to tip,... what do you tip poker dealers? | Yahoo Answers The standard amount seems to be 5 - 10 percent. It is completely up to you however. If this is a local cardroom that you play at a lot you may want to tip more and if it is a card room you do not go to very ofter you may want to tip less. How Much Do You Tip The Dealer? - General Poker Forum ...

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Tipping Poker Dealers. Tipping a poker dealer is different than when you do the same for table games. Usually, believe it or not, dealers make more at lower stakes than they do in higher limit games. The higher percentage of amateur players, the more they are willing to tip the dealer. Tipping Guidelines for Scuba Diver Instructors and Guides

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Do pro poker players tip their dealers? | Yahoo Answers Do pro poker players tip their dealers? On TV, I've seen the pros talk and joke with dealers, but nothing more. We never see such on TV, but, if they do (assuming there's no rule against it, vis-a-vis potential bribes or showing favoritism), how much is the usual tip? How much do world series of poker dealers make including ...

(I also wait until the count is in my favor before making a bet for the dealer.) If you are a basic strategy player and you want to tip a friendly dealer, my recommendation is to tip a few dollars if you are a $5 or $10 bettor, and tip $5 if you are a $25 bettor. (See next question.) QUESTION: Does it make a difference how you tip the dealer?

This is a discussion on Tipping the dealer after a jackpot. within the online poker forums, in the General Poker section; What do you feel is the right amount to tip dealer when bad beat gets 11k ... Tipping Guidelines for Scuba Diver Instructors and Guides There has no simple answer. Tips were always appreciated but never expected. However, some dive guides view a tip as their right. If you do plan to tip, a good way to figure out the appropriate tip amount is to ask the dive shop owner or manager. If you feel the guide was exceptional, give the guide more than the standard tip.